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This Dinner will get you laid – Chicken with Puy Lentils, and the superstitions of New Yorkers

Upon first impressions you may be fooled into thinking that New York is a highly rational place, rooted in the real. Real estate, real hard work, commerce, business – some guy was talking trash to a transvestite outside the Duplex … Continue reading

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My husband is a chili lover, especially served on baked potatoes. It reminds him of childhood bonfire night at the farmhouse in Scotland, where he would spend the day with his brothers and father scouring the countryside with a tractor … Continue reading

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Mexican Chicken Stew

I’m not going to claim that this is very authentically “Mexican”, after all, I’ve never been there. But this is what I make when I want to feel in a fiesta mood, to pep up a hot patio party, or … Continue reading

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Moroccan Chicken Stew

I call it “Moroccan” because it reminds me of the flavors that I first discovered on holiday in Marrakesh, with my family. Recovering from jet lag, my sister and I sat in bed watching Law and Order re-runs and listening … Continue reading

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Chicken Stew

Onion + spices + chicken + lentils + can of beans + liquid = chicken stew Stew is simply meat cooked for a long time in some sort of flavored liquid. Chicken stew is about the easiest and most adaptable … Continue reading

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