Core Recipes: Savoury

Master one and a multitude of dishes are at your finger tips.


From a no-fuss weeknight supper to a fancy entertaining staple, there’s one for every occasion.

Sauté and Deglaze a Sauce

Quickly cook meat and fish then create delicious sauces, all in the one pan

En Papilotte RecipesSteaming “en Papilotte”

Pile your raw ingredients into adorable little foil packages and bake to create moist and delicious dishes

Roast meat recipesRoasts

Any dish of meat cooked in an oven at a high heat and served with their juices.

Pasta RecipesPasta

It’s a classic. Enough said.

Savoury Tart RecipesPastry

So much fancy, so little effort; if you can defrost a box of puff you’re half way there.

How to make perfect risottoRisotto

20 minutes of stirring and you’ve got one of the greatest comfort foods ever made. Perfect in every season.

Recipes for side dishesSide Dishes

Spruce up your dinners with these side dish ideas.

Rosti with caviar and sour cream for canapé core recipesCanapés

They’re easy to make, they’re brilliant with a glass of something boozy, they might even looks impressive on a platter, and, most importantly, they taste great.