Snow, and Warm Bourbon and Spiced Apple

Bourbon Spiced Apple

Although we are currently experiencing something of a lull in the weather, the snow, endless snow, great drifts of it blackening on the sidewalks, slicking the pavements, filling the cross-walks with sloppy black puddles, has been pulling on peoples’ spirits.

“This is my worst nightmare,” said the woman outside my apartment building. “Walking up a snow drift, stepping down into the road, and putting my foot into a pot hole.”

“I know someone,” said her friend, “who slipped down the stairs of the building and cracked her spine. Cracked it. For real. And amazingly, she was basically ok.”

As we contemplated this winter horror, we heard a strange creaking, cracking and suddenly, a huge chunk of ice fell from the scaffolding of the building across the street, and landed on the windscreen on a car. There was a soft thump, the window crumpled inwards in a pale blue fog of safety glass, the alarm blared.

“Holy Shit!” said my neighbor.

That pretty much summed it up. And so, back to the apartment for a stiffish drink.

Warm Bourbon and Spiced Apple (per glass)

Everything about this drink is warming and comforting. Perfect for nights when your cheekbones ache, it’s so cold outside.

½ cup apple juice
1 measure bourbon
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 2cm long thin slices of fresh ginger
1 short cinnamon stick
1 star anise
1 tsp brown sugar
  • Heat the apple juice with the sugar, ginger, star anise and the cinnamon stick until just simmering.
  • Add the bourbon and lemon.
  • Strain into a mug and settle in for the night with a good book.


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