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Peach Sangria

If it’s summer, then there probably should be Sangria, right? Ideally, peach sangria, made with white wine, because, honestly, even though the incident where Jon was carrying a jug of red sangria and did not see that the screen door … Continue reading

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Pimms with ginger

Now I know it’s never usually a good idea to mess with a classic, and honestly, if I could only GET Schweppes lemonade here in New York, I’d never have bothered experimenting, but I can’t so I did, and honestly, … Continue reading

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Was there enough Summer?

It’s an important question. THE important question, really. As the last few days slip by, it’s time to focus, get organized, make sure there was enough summer to keep us in happy rum-soaked sun-drenched fantasies come February.

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Unsolicited Sex Tips and Cucumber Gin and Tonics

Apropos of nothing, Sophia Vergara is dishing out unsolicited relationship advice down the side of my email. “Mess up your hair just a little,” she suggests, “it’s sexier that way.”

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Pisco Veuve Ambal cocktail, and a challenge

Here’s the thing: a week or two ago a very nice sounding PR person contacted me and asked me to come up with a cocktail featuring Veuve Ambal and Hella Bitters. This does not happen to me a whole lot. “Are … Continue reading

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Snow, and Warm Bourbon and Spiced Apple

Although we are currently experiencing something of a lull in the weather, the snow, endless snow, great drifts of it blackening on the sidewalks, slicking the pavements, filling the cross-walks with sloppy black puddles, has been pulling on peoples’ spirits.

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Spice-infused Appletini

When I first started coming to New York, about 10 years ago, Appletinis were The Thing to drink. They were vivid green. And wholly awesome. Then Cosmos came along, and that was the end of that. And then Cosmos too were over … Continue reading

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Bruschetta, and the inevitability of nudity

My dad was in town for a week of ballet, baseball, jazz, and edgy downtown sketch comedy. Spot the odd one out.

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Melon Margaritas and perspective.

Back from the NYU Abu Dhabi Physics Department for the summer, my friend Ingyin had several priorities for our Saturday. Dress shopping. Manicure. Brunch. Not necessarily in that order.

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Grapefruit coolers and Burlesque

The SlapFight sketch show after party was held in the Comedy Bar, where Scott had managed to secure a drinks deal. There we all were, patting ourselves on the back for another show accomplished, plus laughs, minus tumble weed, when … Continue reading

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