Gingerbread Fantasy


“I can’t take any more bras!” said Jon, returning from work uncharacteristically exasperated.

“Victoria Secret have bought out all the billboards in Times Square! All we can see through every single window of the office is women in festive underwear. Sometimes they walk towards us, sometimes they walk away from us, sometimes they dance around. They’re like 5 stories high! They are the entire horizon! It’s very disconcerting. You know, I work with a lot of tech guys. The whole office is a bit distracted.”

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, another very specific kind of fantasy is being played out: I put on my glittery gold earrings and my new black cashmere-ish jumper, and bake gingerbread while listening to carols.

It’s so specific, right? So detailed a fantasy that it’s bordering on fetish land, really. Where did all these elements come from? Did I read about it in a particularly prescriptive style blog? A bossy glossy magazine? Nevertheless, I bake, and hum, and measure ground cloves and ginger into a mound of flour while molasses and butter melt on the stove in a fog of deep deep caramel.

Ina’s Gingerbread.

I loved baking this super easy gingerbread and would only suggest one addition to the recipe – a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger as well as the dried. It gave the gingerbread the bite I was looking for.

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