10 food gifts to take to a party

Line of parcels illustrated for Christmas Stew cake recipe

  1. Peppermint bark – ruinously expensive, but totally delicious. It’s a classic.
  2. Quality Streets – The absolute British festive chocolate of choice. A flavor for every taste – I knew Jon and I were meant to be together when it turned out he liked the caramel coins, and did not like the purple ones with nuts in. Whaaat? We are so compatible! It’s a sign! Anyway, these are the Business.
  3. Crumpets – think outside the chocolate box. Golden and warm and dripping with butter, crumpets are the greatest toasted thing in the world. Bonus points if you have access to a fire, and gift toasting forks too.
  4. Boozy Maraschino Cherries – for cocktails, or, more likely, straight up snacking. No judgement. Also, props for the seasonal color.
  5. Walnuts and a nut cracker in the shape of a squirrel! – old school, and still the best – also, come on, Squirrel!
  6. Port – now we’re living the Dickensian dream.
  7. Salted Caramels – you know who didn’t like salted caramels? Hitler.
  8. Fancy truffles – that box! That box! Yeah, and great truffles, but seriously, that box!
  9. A wheel of stilton – there’s something about a whole wheel of cheese that makes it extra special and gift-able.
  10. A crate of clementines – the holidays simply aren’t the holidays without them. Everyone will be stoked that you brought these.

Holly Illustration for Christmas cocktail

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