Christmas Present Quest

Line of parcels illustrated for foodie Christmas present recommendations

“What do you buy a man who you think you might be falling in love with for Christmas?” wondered Amazing Grace as we admired the food-themed windows at Barneys (though, on a slight tangent, did anyone else find them aggressive? Were they supposed to be that angry?)

“I mean, what if I buy him something really heart-felt and he buys me a cd? Or what if I buy him a cd and he buys me tickets to the ballet or something really expensive? It’s so hard to know.”

And so the great Christmas Present Quest begins.

Gold bauble for foodie Christmas present recommendationsI love to choose, shop for and wrap Christmas presents, and  like to try to find the perfect quirky thing that could only belong to the person on my list. That said, there are some presents that are appreciated by nearly everybody. I offer some fairly fail safe ideas here, with a foodie bent:

  • A small bottle of sloe gin – it’s pink. It makes the best festive gin and tonics
  • A Starbucks gift card – for the college student in your life. Also, M and S vouchers – so they can buy gourmet ready meals
  • A huge bag of pistachio nuts tied with a red bow
  • Truffle oil – my brother in law bought this for me a few years ago – easiest way to fancy up pasta – dash of cream, drop of oil, luxury in a bowl
  • Williams Sonoma peppermint bark in a tin – it’s expensive, but it’s quite simply the best.
  • A whole (small) wheel of parmesan (Murray’s Cheese Shop is my friend here)
  • A great knife – I’m a Global girl. Knives are brilliant gifts to give to men who just got married / just got a new apartment / plan to make a New Year’s resolution to cook / love cooking
  • A bottle of champagne – add specially festive glasses from Crate and Barrel – I’m buying the red martini glasses
  • A box of Charbonnel et Walker truffles – this box might be the most beautiful packaging in the world
  • Chopsticks – Pearl River Mart has a good selection. I use the rainbow enamel chopsticks that my Mum put in my stocking a few years ago at least once a week and every time I do I think how beautiful they are. Thanks Mum
  • A chocolate Father Christmas. You’re never too old for a chocolate Father Christmas. Also Terry’s Chocolate Oranges
  • Nigella Lawson’s How To Eat. No pictures, just fabulous writing and wonderful food
  • Meat thermometer – Not a lot of women get meat thermometers from their sisters for Christmas and are thankful for them, but I am one. A good stocking stuffer and invaluable in the kitchen
  • Shameless self promotion: Mulled wine spices in a mason jar

Line of parcels illustrated for foodie Christmas present recommendations

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