Roasted pumpkin, sweet and fingerling potatoes with cranberries

Ingredients (serves 6)

1 meRoasted pumpkin illustration for recipedium pumpkin
8 large sweet potatoes
20 Fingerling potatoes
1 handful of dried cranberries soaked for five minutes in a splash of orange juice
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

  • Slice the pumpkin into 1 inch wedges, peel and quarter the sweet potatoes and scrub then halve the fingerling potatoes lengthwise
  • Toss with 2 tbsp of olive oil mixing well to coat and season with salt and pepper
  • Roast at 350 if you’re cooking with the turkey or 400 if you have the luxury of another oven (or start them at 350 with the turkey then blast them at 400 once the turkey is out and resting) for 45 minutes until crispy and brown, turning after 20 minutes
  • Scatter the cranberries on the top to serve

If you can make that you can make this:

  • Swap out the sweet potato for yams, or for a mixture of sweet potato and yams
  • Swap out the pumpkin for butternut squash
  • Scatter toasted pecans over the dish before serving
  • Drizzle over a tbsp of maple syrup 20 mins into roasting
  • Toss in a handful or two of mini marshmallows about 5 mins before the end of cooking

This recipe originally appeared with a recipe plan for a full Thanksgiving menu, that could equally be used as a base for a Christmas dinner or even a Sunday lunch.

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