Nutella Raspberry Tart

I love Nutella. If you don’t, I think it unlikely that we will be friends.

This tart feeds 6, theoretically. If there are hormones or broken hearts involved, well, all bets are off.

Nutella Raspberry Tart (serves 6)Nutella and Raspberry Tart

1 sheet of defrosted puff pastry
1 cup of Nutella (or thereabouts)
2 tbsp of cream (heavy)
2 punnets of raspberries (about half a pint)
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream to serve

  • Lay the pastry sheet onto some parchment and roll out to get rid of the creases. Score a border around the edge and prick the pastry in the middle with a fork.
  • Mix the Nutella with the cream to loosen it up, then spread it over the pastry inside the border. In a pinch you could just use Nutella. It will still taste good.
  • Top with half of the raspberries.
  • Put the tart onto a tray and into a pre-heated oven and let it cook for 20 – 25 mins. If your oven is a bit old and unreliable, like mine, turn the tart around half way through cooking in case one bit of oven is hotter than another and the tart cooks unevenly (i.e. one part raw, one part ash, as in my oven).
  • Once cooked, top with the rest of the raspberries.

Serving Suggestions

  • Serve with ice cream. Almost essential
  • Or with heavy cream
  • Grate dark or white chocolate over the top

This recipe originally appeared with a story involving inappropriate text messages, heartbreak and Lady Gaga.

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