The Wednesday Tipple – Steaming Bishop

Steaming Bishop Cocktail illustration for Christmas recipe

Back in the UK to Christmas the way Dickens surely intended it. Shopping in Kingston with my Mum, a curry with my sister, and a car ride to Edinburgh with a break in scenic Wigan to see my Grandparents and have a cup of tea.

But here back at Jon’s childhood home, things have taken a turn for the Victorian. As I type this, for example, my husband is out in the woods with his father chopping up wood for the stove.

It’s any port in a storm weather outside. It’s time to hunker down and wrap Christmas presents and drink a Steaming Bishop.

I’ll admit it. I was pre-disposed to love this drink the moment I heard the name.

Cloved Orange illustration for steaming bishop cocktail recipe for ChristmasI came across this drink at a Christmas party a few years ago, when a friend used some cooking port to pep up some mulled wine and another guest said it reminded him of his grandmother’s favorite winter tipple.

Apparently she was wont to drink one or two on a Sunday evening after evensong, then play the piano and sing rude words to popular hymns.

When I made and drank this, that’s exactly what I felt like doing.

Holly Illustration for Christmas cocktail

Makes 6 glasses

½ bottle of port
½ cup of orange juice
1 orange studded with 12 cloves
1 cinnamon stick 
  • Put the orange into a medium oven for 15 minutes to roast
  • Pour the port and the orange juice into a pan
  • Heat gently with the clove-studded orange and the cinnamon stick until steaming but not boiling
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5 Responses to The Wednesday Tipple – Steaming Bishop

  1. Wow, what an interesting take on a mulled wine! I love the idea of the whole-roasted orange with cloves and the port…very cool. I may have to try this soon! Mostly because it sounds so tasty but also because I want an excuse to sing rudely…

    • Kate says:

      Go right ahead, sing rudely. You don’t necessarily need the port, though it might help get you started.
      Merry Christmas!

  2. Rose says:

    But did you know that characters in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol drink a bowl of steaming bishop? It was a popular punch in the 19th century.

    • Kate says:

      I did not know that, but thank you so much for telling me! I will re read. Is it at the party? I’m thinking not at the Cratchets. I was reading that passage today, the one about the finest goose that ever there was, chestnuts in the fire and God Bless us Everyone. Wonderful.
      Merry Christmas!

  3. Euan Brown says:

    I just Googled “Steaming Bishop” and this was the third item on the list. SEO WIN!

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