The Monday Treat – Strawberry Pineapple Snow Cones and Racing Pigs

Strawberry Pineapple Snow Cone

So hands down the thing we were most looking forward to at the Sussex County Fair were the swimming pigs. “They race for Oreos!” Sold.

But in my heart, I couldn’t believe that they’d really be that good. I was excited, but prepared for disappointment.

Would they really race, or merely waddle around, pressed into line by a trainer with a stick? Would they rage around angrily, thrashing through the water with “what are you looking at” expressions?

I was not expecting cuteness, but that is what I got.

Swimming pigs

The pigs were adorable. Totally mini micro-esque pigs, specially trained for racing in Florida at some kind of racing pig school. And they really really raced. Round the track, into the water, snouts turned up in anticipation of cookie reward.

Racing mini pigs

We cheered as they dove enthusiastically into the home straight, paddled to the far side, hopped out of the water and dashed around the track towards the Oreos, snuffling happily at their food before pottering back into the shade of their enclosure.

Swimming pigs

“I wouldn’t race for an Oreo,” said Jon with an air of finality about this decision. “A Club, maybe, a Twix, sure, but not an Oreo. “

I looked at the inviting cool water trough, glittering in the baking afternoon sun. “Right now, I’d race for free.”

Strawberry Pineapple Snow Cones (serves 4 – 6)

Strawberry illustration for strawberry snowcone¾ blender full of ice
1 pint strawberries
1 ripe pineapple
2 tbsp honey to taste
lime wedges to serve
  • Crush the ice in the blender
  • Hull the strawberries and peel and core the pineapple. Cut into chunks, then put all the fruit into the blender
  • Blend. Taste and add honey if necessary
  • Scoop into paper cups and serve, squeezing fresh lime juice over as you eat
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