So here we are, staring down the barrel at the end of Summer, and the end of living in this apartment.  Sunday and Monday were filled with sorting and packing, and sending our belongings off to storage for three weeks, but first there was Saturday, and Pimms.

When we lived in the UK we drank Pimms all the time, like it wasn’t a big deal, which it wasn’t because You Can Buy Proper Lemonade in the UK. Not Sprite. You can’t make Pimms with Sprite.  In New York, proper lemonade – and let me clarify, it should look like Sprite but taste like lemons, that cloudy Real Lemonade stuff does not work either – comes in the tiniest of cans at the most inflated price imaginable from one shop (Tea and Sympathy) in the Village.

Last year, our friend Demitri promised that he would bring Pimms to a party and worked out that the lemonade was two to three times more expensive than the booze. That’s just wrong.

Anyhow, Demitri left New York for pastures new and we inherited the last few cans of his precious lemonade. I added some soda stream water, simple syrup and a good squeeze of lemon, and we were off.

¼ jug full of fruit – cucumbers, apples, berries
Good handful of fresh mint
1/3 jug full of Pimms
2/3 jug full of lemonade

Let the fruit soak in the Pimms for half an hour, then add the lemonade. Serve over ice, with fresh mint to garnish. Make sure you eat the fruit.



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