Valentines Gifts for people who love love, and love food.

Teacup For Valentines Ideas

  1. These truffles are everything. Pink. Chocolate. Heart-shaped box. Boom.
  1. Hearts not your thing? How about Penguins? Terribly romantic when you think about it, mating for life. Until you eat them.
  1. 1940’s champagne saucers: the essence of glamor.
  1. And a bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose to road-test them with.
  1. Liven up breakfast in bed with a special cup of tea: this one is blood orange hibiscus, and it’s a gorgeous ruby red.
  1. Or romance the hell out of morning coffee with a proud and pink hibiscus donut from Dough.
  1. Sugar crash your afternoon in the best possible way with some spicy Wicked Hot Chocolate
  1. Or think savory, get yourselves some valentine-red Laguiole steak knives, and prepare for a great night in.
  1. Season up that steak with with Himalayan salt – the natural pink color is the result of high mineral and iron content, and the flavor is soft and mild.
  1. Go big or go home with a tower of pink macarons.



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