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The Wednesday Tipple – Cold Martinis, Hot Gossip and Union Square Café Bar Nuts

Amazing Grace met a man in the park. Park Man turned out to have a name. His name was Alex. And he took her for a drink, made her laugh, complimented her new red jacket, and said he would call … Continue reading

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The Monday Treat – Cheddar Rosemary Shortbread

Back in New York and back to Huge gossip. Amazing Grace has met a promising man. Following a tricky meeting about maximizing product placement in which Anita had been her usual bitch self, Grace had ignored the looks of her … Continue reading

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – A Tale of Two Chickens

James the Tenor, impressed by Mark’s invitation to dinner, arrived bang on time and carrying a bag bulging with wine, a bunch of tiny black grapes from the Union Square farmer’s market and an artisanal goat cheese wrapped in a … Continue reading

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