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Smores! For happiness.

I’d toasted marshmallows before I came to America – of course I had. Pretty much the only thing that persuaded me to Guide Camp was the prospect of a toasted marshmallow. But real, genuine, smores? Nope.

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Nutella Birthday Cheesecake and Surprise Doves – a cautionary tale

“It seemed like it would be a top romantic gesture at the time,” explained the man I sat next to at an especially lovely dinner party in Soho the other week.

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – Vanilla roast chicken, and living on a movie set

Living in New York can feel like living on a movie set – and not just because there are movies shooting all over town. A friend of mine who works at The Whitney watches a crew move in every night … Continue reading

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The Monday Treat – Birthday Cake

It was Jon’s birthday this weekend, which brought with it the usual scheduling nightmare that seems to be endemic to modern life. Jess could not do Friday. Jeremy could only do Friday. Ken could do any day, as long as … Continue reading

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The Monday Treat – Risotto with Fresh Peas

  I had high hopes for the peas. They started out so strong. Thrusting their way out of the seedling planter on the window sill, then, newly transferred onto the balcony, twining seductively around their stakes (ok, chopsticks) and eventually … Continue reading

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Apple pierogi with warm apple compote

Last Hanukkah our friends Ingyin and Yosi cooked us the greatest latkes in the world and then promptly moved to Abu Dhabi to set up the new NYU physics department. Just the two of them and a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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Make ahead pureed vegetables

But my family always has a pureed [insert obscure vegetable] and there isn’t one on this menu! Any dinner that involves tradition and family is bound to run up against roadblocks of the ‘but we always have this’ variety. Best … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Tipple – white cranberry cosmopolitans (with baked camembert and homemade cranberry sauce) to cheer up a friend who dated a turkey

“I wouldn’t say it was a good date, really. No.” said friend Sara as we sloshed the white cranberry juice into the shaker. Sara, you may recall, has been taking positive action since discovering herself to be in the middle … Continue reading

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This dinner will get you laid – a conundrum concerning eggplant parmigiana

“You know that old saying, chocolate’s better than sex – but only if you’re doing the sex wrong?” said friend Annie as we chatted on Skype earlier this week.

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The Wednesday Tipple – Spiced Cranberry Apple Cooler (with endive autumn salad)

Jon, returning from 3 hours of art class drawing naked middle aged models was tired and in need of succor. Since the building water tank has just been cleaned and the water is currently gurgling coffee-colored spume into the sink, … Continue reading

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