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Snowmen – linguine with roasted lemons, olives and capers

Jo, aged almost 3, went to see the play version of The Snowman as his seasonal theatre treat. If you don’t know the story of the boy and his snowman who comes alive one night to transport him on a … Continue reading

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Snowbirds and roasted cauliflower penne

Norma and Roger, friends of my parents, recently announced their Snow Bird plans; “We’re changing thing up a little this year. We’ve booked a house in Naples for 2 months. January and February. It’s going to be great, right?”

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Roast Chicken with Lemon

When you move house, everything is unsettled. You can’t find the scissors. You trip on the edge of the bed. You hear every creak in the floor, every tick of the pipes. Your stuff is in, but it’s nowhere near … Continue reading

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Spring Pea Pasta for Fashion Batman

I’m just going to tell it to you straight. I love my cape. I love to sweep around the city like fashion batman. I like to wear it as often as possible.

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An Easter Bunny Story and Roast Chicken with lemon herb butter

When my sister was little she had a pet rabbit. It was probably the best rabbit in the entire world, we thought. For example, it once peed on an ex boyfriend of mine.

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Spring, Lemon Linguini and Robot Armageddon

  Officially, today is Spring. Think sunshine, think optimism, think cute baby animals, green shoots of promise and hope. Jon, however, had other things on his mind.

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Better than Bears – and a comforting, yet totally date-night appropriate Greek Chicken Stew

As Fall colors start to paint the country in shades of fire, two friends of our recently returned from a hiking holiday, which they described in glowing terms apart from one small setback:

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – linguini with zucchini in a lemon cream sauce

Everybody needs a hobby – for me it’s a close tie between magazining and singing. For John, triathlons. For Tabitha, designing dog Halloween costumes and selling them on Etsy. As it turns out, Jon’s Boss has a hobby too – … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Tipple – Lemon Granita Fizz

A moment of pride here: I’m pretty pleased with this no fuss granita method, which has got me through yet another summer of ice cream machine envy. Because really, if you live in a Manhattan apartment where you store your … Continue reading

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The Monday Treat – Blueberry Olive Oil Lemon Cake

Big News from my friend Rachel who bounded into choir rehearsal with a huge smile on her face and a huge diamond on her finger. Graham had proposed. Excitement. Squealing.

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