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The Monday Treat – Tasty spiced apple cupcakes and an extremely tasteful manicure

It finally happened; after weeks of obsessing about pumpkins, carving them, buying mini ones to decorate windowsills, roasting them, boiling them, pureeing them I may have reached my pumpkin quota. It was all going so well. My skin hadn’t turned … Continue reading

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5 Sweet Halloween treats including Oozing Pus Chocolate Cup Cakes and Worms in Dirt.

Oozing-Pus Chocolate Cup Cakes (makes 6 – 8 portions) These are molten white chocolate truffle cup cakes by any other name, and the warm white chocolate really does ooze pus-like from the centre when they are cut open – the … Continue reading

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – Molten Truffle Chocolate Cup Cakes

Hot on the quest to change her romantic fate and prove wrong a nay-saying tealeaf reader, Sara attended a speed dating event at a bar on the Upper West Side. Upon returning home she realized that her new dress had … Continue reading

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