The Wednesday Tipple – Hard Lemonade (with prosciutto and focaccia)

Hard Lemonade for lemonade and prosciutto recipe

So I bought the lemons for pancake day, and in fairness, we did get through a couple of them, and there’s nothing wrong with having a lemon or two around the house. But I am a marketer’s dream – show me a special offer and I’ll show you 25 lemons for 5 bucks. So lemons exist, and must be consumed.

And you know what they say; when life gives you lemons …

So in honor of spring, which surely, surely is just around the corner, I’m making lemonade.

Hard Lemonade (makes 4 servings)

Lemon illustration for hard lemonade recipe1 cup lemon juice (5 – 6 lemons)
3 cups water
1 cup ice
1 cup vodka
Handful of fresh mint leaves
Superfine sugar (optional)

  • Squeeze the lemon juice into a blender, add the water, vodka and ice and blend
  • Add the mint and pulse so that the drink is speckled with green
  • Taste the lemonade. Add superfine sugar to taste and blend again to mix (I like lemonade sour, so I usually leave out the sugar)

And to counter the sweetness of the lemons, serve with a plate of prosciutto ham, some focaccia sliced into small squares, and a dipping bowl of extra virgin olive oil

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