The Wednesday Tipple – Lavender Fizz and the Big Money Dream

Elderflower Champange And Real Estate

“If I won 625 million dollars,” said Wanda, the post room lady, “I wouldn’t tell a soul. Not one soul. Or people would want a piece of it and I will not have that shit. I will not.”

Returning to New York could not have been in greater contrast to my time in the UK – quiet, sober in both senses of the word, solemn, simple, sad – as I said goodbye to my Grandpa.

Lotto fever had passed me by, so this was a dramatic volte face, an immersion back into the life of the city I had left behind.

I signed for my parcel and Wanda shrugged, “Anyway, you don’t know. I mighta won the lotto already and this job is just a cover. I’m working here so nobody knows I’m a millionaire.”

I’d been thinking about tea-making, bible readings and hymn singing for the last week, but here, the question on everybodys lips was; what would you do if you won 625 million dollars?

Jess had already made some promises via the medium of Facebook, all written down, in case it came to a court case.  A pony for a friend. A car, a holiday, a kitten and goodness knows what else.

Lara had grander plans; “I’d buy a private Island.”

But if the last intense week with my family has taught me anything, it is that being all alone on an Island, even a luxury one, might not be all its cracked up to be.

“You’d probably only get about 250 cash in hand,” said Jon, mathematician. “After taxes and after everything. I’m not saying it’s not a lot of money. Obviously. But it’s only 10 mega penthouses in New York when you think about it, after you factor in furnishings and the building charge.”

Just like that, a fortune beyond the dreams of avarice reduced to a property portfolio of fancy Manhattan 2 beds.

Lavender Fizz

This gently floral scented cocktail makes perfect Easter drinking.

Champagne Cork for cocktail recipe

½ cup sugar
½ cup water
1 tbsp dried lavender
1 bottle Champagne
  • Pour the water, sugar and lavender into a pan and heat until the sugar has entirely dissolved
  • Strain out the lavender and chill the syrup until needed
  • Pour 1 ½ tsp of the syrup into a flute and top up with chilled champagne
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