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Coconut Iced Tea

I’ve adapted to life in America pretty well, I think. I’ve got the hang of honey mustard now, after 3 years of deliberate assimilation. I see that value in root beer floats. I understand the fuss about s’mores. Sure, the biscuits leave a lot to be desired, and, how many times, you can’t make tea by bringing me a cup of warm water and a tea bag in a packet, but generally, I do ok.

Last summer was the summer I discovered iced tea.

Hilary started it, with an ice tea that tasted mostly like cranberry juice, because that’s what it was. And Arnold Palmers figured heavily in my life for a while. Then Wendy introduced me to the idea of black tea with a splash of peach syrup, straight out of the peaches can.

It was a revelation. I made a jug of strong black tea to keep in the fridge. A new chapter was born.

Coconut Iced Tea.

  • Brew a jug of very strong black tea (I like orange pekoe for this). The idea is you want the tea to be strong like a cordial that you’re going to dilute with something else to turn it into a drink.
  • Let this tea chill.
  • Fill a glass 2/3 with coconut water, 1/3 tea. Sweeten if you like.
  • Add plenty of ice. Find a porch or balcony and drink the tea on it.
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