Smores! For happiness.


I’d toasted marshmallows before I came to America – of course I had. Pretty much the only thing that persuaded me to Guide Camp was the prospect of a toasted marshmallow. But real, genuine, smores? Nope.

The problem, I think, was lack of Graham crackers. I mean, we had some truly excellent biscuit options in the UK. I’m going to take a stand here and call it: I believe Britain to have the Best Biscuits in the whole wide world. But Graham crackers and the thing, and that makes a difference.

making smores

But now, living in NYC, and with easy access to the right sort of cookies, and, most importantly of all, with a real wood-burning fire in our apartment *faints with joy, is lulled round by the gentle warmth of the FIRE, faints with joy etc etc.* smores are on the menu. The ideal end to a simple dinner party – or even a fancy one, frankly, because who doesn’t like an interactive dessert? So I bought the toasting forks for Jon for Christmas. But, the more we’ve made them, the more we realized, we could have been doing this over candles for years.

Highly recommend.

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