The Wednesday Tipple – Lime Margarita

Lime margarita illustration for cocktail recipe

Confession: I pretty much never hear the word “tequila” without mentally adding the words “mocking bird”. This is what passes for fun in my life. So judge me.

I mentioned this to Jeremy and Hilary, with whom we had spent a happy evening eating churros and drinking margaritas. “That’s funny,” he said, “because I never hear the word “margarita” without thinking of my sister.”

“Who’s called Margarita?” Jon wondered. “Who enjoys a stiff drink?”

“Not exactly,” Jeremy clarified. “When she was in 5th grade she was in West Side Story, and all the non-speaking characters got to pick names for themselves, and she was a Shark, so she was looking for a suitably Latin name and that’s what she came up with.”

So now, when I think of Margaritas, I mentally add the words “aka Stephanies”.

Lime Margarita / Stephanies (per glass)

Lime illustration for margarita recipe1 measure lime juice
1 measure tequila
1 measure cointreau
superfine sugar to taste

  • Grate the lime zest onto a saucer and add some salt. Cut the lime in half, and wipe the juice around the rim of the glass, dip the rim into the lime salt
  • Juice the lime, measure, then shake the ingredients over ice – taste – you may need a bit of sugar if the lime is very sharp – add sugar, shake again and serve
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