Chocolate teacups and other Baby Shower Whimsey

chocolate mouse teacups

The other week we hosted a baby shower for our very good friends Jenn and Allen, who are adopting the cutest baby you ever saw, Baby Felix. We were so happy to celebrate with them – it’s been an incredibly long and heart-wrenching process – and we set about planning with zeal.

roses for a baby shower table

First up, asking all the guests to bring a favorite childhood book. This turned out to be ultra-revealing. People really did bring their favorite books – a diverse selection ranging from nonsense poetry to Judy Blume. A great conversation starter for sure, and an eclectic library for Felix.

whimsical fairytale flags

The theme of the shower came from this: fairy stories. The result. Very Fucking Whimsical. We made flags to string across the apartment using illustrations from classic stories. We had a riddles puzzle going round the house. Jon drew a treasure map for a guess where the treasure is buried game. We played guess the celebrity from the baby pic, and identify the Disney Princess from the silhouette.

edible flower salad

And onto the food: a mac n cheese bar (Jenn’s favorite), a green salad studded with edible flowers, a rainbow slaw, and chocolate mousse in vintage-y teacups collected over the last month via goodwill.

chocolate mouse in teacups for baby shower table

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