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Steaming Bishops and the best scents of Christmas

Years ago a friend told me that this Steaming Bishop was his Grandma’s go-to Sunday night drink in winter. Apparently she’d get happy and tipsy and sing the rude words to Christmas Carols. Every time I drink one, that’s EXACTLY what I feel like doing. Continue reading

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Gingerbread Popcorn, and the Christmas Music Playlist Challenge

The other day I was trying on potential Christmas Dresses in Ann Taylor Loft and the following music tracks played in this order:

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The Wednesday Tipple – Rhubarb Vodka, delayed gratification, and naming stars with physicists

It’s interesting to talk to Jon’s physicist colleagues, who often have a very different spin on things that happen in life. “Nobody wants to do local galaxies anymore,” they say in passing at parties.

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