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Pisco Veuve Ambal cocktail, and a challenge

Here’s the thing: a week or two ago a very nice sounding PR person contacted me and asked me to come up with a cocktail featuring Veuve Ambal and Hella Bitters. This does not happen to me a whole lot. “Are … Continue reading

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Melon Margaritas and perspective.

Back from the NYU Abu Dhabi Physics Department for the summer, my friend Ingyin had several priorities for our Saturday. Dress shopping. Manicure. Brunch. Not necessarily in that order.

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Steaming Bishops and Unlikely Emails

“I was supposed to be singing a concert,” said my friend and choir colleague Theresa, “then I got an email with the header: Cancelled, due to infidelity.”

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The Wednesday Tipple – Cherry Mojito

Do you ever find yourself looking at an apple and thinking: you’re too perfect to be a real apple, you look like the apple in Snow White? Or at a pineapple and thinking: should I eat you, or would Chiquita … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Tipple – Rhubarb Vodka, delayed gratification, and naming stars with physicists

It’s interesting to talk to Jon’s physicist colleagues, who often have a very different spin on things that happen in life. “Nobody wants to do local galaxies anymore,” they say in passing at parties.

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The Wednesday Tipple – Criminal Intent, Karma, and Bourbon with Spiced Apple

The thought of not being able to watch the Olympics on the BBC is making me consider turning to a life of download crime. Considering, mind, I’m not actually admitting to anything, just to be absolutely clear here.

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