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This Dinner will make taking down the tree suck less – Chicken Tagine for an epiphany feast

Today is epiphany. Time to take down the Christmas decorations, sweep up pine needles and surrender to the inevitable gloom that comes with the realization; the holidays are well and truly over now.

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The Wednesday Tipple – Fig Martinis and an important question; what would you do if you knew that you could not fail?

January is a time for reflection, resolution, change, expectation, tentative starts, running out of steam, postponement, utter failure, despair and drinking. A time when we make lists about the things we intend to change about ourselves and enumerate our shortcomings … Continue reading

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – Imam Bayildi, the priest wept

Imam bayildi is one of the all time great, most delicious ways to eat aubergine / eggplant.

The name means “the priest wept”, and theories as to why exactly the priest wept abound; possibly he had a young wife whose dowery was mostly paid up in barrels of olive oil. She cooked this dish for him. He loved it. She cooked it again for him. He loved it. She cooked it again, and that was the end of her olive oil dowery. Or possibly the priest cried in sheer pleasure as olive oil dripped down his chin when he took his first mouthful of creamy eggplant, and soft sweet tangle of onions. Continue reading

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