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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – lobster rolls, superstitions and summer affirmations

This fascinating nugget of information comes via a local news sheet that I picked up on a weekend holiday in Rockport: Bananas are terrible terrible luck on lobster boats.

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The Wednesday Tipple – Guinness and Colcannon cakes

There are nights when a Guinness seems like a good idea. And there is nothing in the world that goes so well with a Guinness than colcannon cakes. Colcannon is a traditional Irish food – a mixture of mash potato … Continue reading

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This dinner will get you laid – roast duck and pancakes for Chinese New Year

It’s the Chinese New Year of the rabbit, and I won’t lie to you; I was tempted to put bunny on the menu. But two things held me back; memories of my sisters’ pet rabbit who once, heroically, peed on … Continue reading

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