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The Wednesday Tipple – Spice-infused Appletinis with Grilled Cheddar, Walnut and Apple Sandwiches – oh, and some nudity too.

When Jon’s Dad came to visit us, he’d look up at the buildings and sigh. He pretty much could not believe that people would want to work and live piled up on top of each other in boxes. He lives … Continue reading

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The Monday Treat – Baked Toffee Apples with Custard

Apple picking season may be over, and last weekend’s freak Halloween snow pretty much ensured that it was, but apple-eating season is in full flow here in New York.

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – Lancashire hotpot for Bonfire Night

Jon loves Bonfire Night. There’s a tradition in his family of building fires taller than the house, that melt the guttering and cause the fire brigade to stop by to see if everything’s ok, and accept a plate of food … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Tipple – Bobbing for apples Hot Apple Punch, and Pumpkin Spice Popcorn for Bonfire Night

November the 5th is on the horizon. If you’re not British you’re probably thinking; sure, and November the 4th, in fact, and November the 6th for that matter too … and that’s because you have no historic foiled Catholic anti-monarchy … Continue reading

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All Souls Day – Rosemary for Remembrance Cake

If Jon and I were still living in Poland, Halloween would have been something of an afterthought, but today, All Souls Day, would have been the real deal.

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