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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – Chicken with Lemon and Thyme, when dinner has to deliver

There are times when we all want to make a good impression. Look like our best selves in a good light on a good hair day, be at our smartest, our wittiest, our most charming. Or, failing that, simply not … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Tipple – Cats, Dogs and Gin Bulldog Cocktails

Because apparently there aren’t enough stray cats already in New York, a charity has decided to import them from the streets of Puerto Rico, where they were probably happily sleeping in the sun and catching mice until netted and captured.

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The Monday Treat – Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies and The Tangiers Story

Jon and I were having dinner in the kind of restaurant where you’re practically sitting on your neighbor’s lap, and it was impossible not to overhear their conversation, though, I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly trying not to.

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – Fettuccine Alfredo with peas and pancetta and an important question; what’s in a name?

Not entirely out of the blue, I was able to plug my fascinating fact of the week into conversation: “Did you know,” I told the assembled company, “that Pepsi Cola was originally called Brad’s Drink?”

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