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The Wednesday Tipple – Lime Margarita

Confession: I pretty much never hear the word “tequila” without mentally adding the words “mocking bird”. This is what passes for fun in my life. So judge me.

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The Monday Treat – ice cream with white chocolate salted caramel ice magic

I am highly aware that this is the kind of problem that most people in the world trade me for in an instant, but recently it’s been so hot in NYC that our overworked air conditioner has been flooding the … Continue reading

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Fattoush Salad, Hummus, and the unexpected risks of trapeezing

Too hot to walk quickly through the muggy Manhattan weather, I strolled along behind a couple of girls and listened to them chatting.

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The Wednesday Tipple – Lillet Fizz, and a toast to absent friends in Paris

My friend James had made the boldly romantic decision to leave his life in New York and move in with his girlfriend in Paris. And recently he had acquired an ornate handcrafted Mexican Devil Mask.

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