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Spring Pea Pasta for Fashion Batman

I’m just going to tell it to you straight. I love my cape. I love to sweep around the city like fashion batman. I like to wear it as often as possible.

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Lancashire Cream and the Student Prince

My grandma is a big fan of the afternoon movie. She has stacks of videos arranged by the television. A treasure trove of old favorites – Singing in the Rain, Oklahoma, Annie, Some Like It Hot, Calamity Jane. All fabulous, … Continue reading

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Sex on the beach – and a trip to the Playboy Mansion

“I was covering a golf party at the Playboy Mansion,” said Rhett, casually. Rhett is a sketch writer, and son of infinitely awesome parents, naming-wise. He’d been interning at a paper in LA, he said, and had been sent out … Continue reading

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Dancing, Belly Dancing, and Zucchini Pancakes

“I can’t come out after the rehearsal,” said Kathleen. “I promised my friend I’d see her Belly Dancing. It’s her first ever show.”

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Quick Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce for a Late Night Dinner

I recently started writing for a sketch comedy team at the Pit in NYC. We write late, and rehearse later. Consequently, I’m staggering home at 11pm, lacking the energy to tackle any significant cooking, or indeed, any significant eating.

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Salty Dogs and the problem with lizards

“I wouldn’t recommend a lizard,” said Heidi. We were at my Grandma’s drinking tea when the subject of pets had come up.

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