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Bruschetta, and the inevitability of nudity

My dad was in town for a week of ballet, baseball, jazz, and edgy downtown sketch comedy. Spot the odd one out.

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The Monday Treat – homemade ricotta – way easier and more fun than you’d think

Making cheese sounds like the kind of cooking project other people do. I live a few blocks away from Murray’s cheese. Why would I make my own? But ricotta is a different beast.

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Penne with sausage and ricotta

Back in New York on the cusp of a New Year brimming with possibilities, Jon and I headed more or less from the airport to a party in Brooklyn hosted by our friends Shea and Raphael with their adorable sausage dog … Continue reading

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5 side dish ideas for a Labor Day barbeque

Overheard on the subway yesterday morning; “What are you doing this weekend?” “I was going to go to Eric’s. But I didn’t want to go because he lives in Queens and also, I kind of hate him, but if there’s … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Tipple – Sea Breeze (with Bruschetta)

It’s hot outside and grapefruit are on special offer at the fruit stall. That’s more than a good enough reason to consider making a pitcher of cocktails. Perhaps it’s the color – a gorgeous rosy pink. Perhaps it’s the name … Continue reading

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