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Chocolate Cherry Flapjacks – in case of emergency

I recently moved desks at work. It was part of a general reshuffle ahead of plans to re-carpet our floor. I opened my new file draw to put away part of my spawning under-desk shoe collection and I found it:

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – Confit of Duck (Part 2)

My good friend Kim is marrying her fiancé Justin this weekend, which is great for them of course, only what will fill the gaping hole left in my social life once all the showers, brunches, and lunches are no more?

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Red White and Blue Popsicles for 4th July

Nothing says summer quite like a popsicle, and these red white and blue ones scream 4th July.

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – Garden of Eden Aphrodisiac Pizza

Valentines Day, it seems, dropped like a stone into the lives of many of my friends with the ripples resonating into the week.

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The Wednesday Tipple – Rose Pink Champagne and Flatbread “pizzas”

It’s official. Grace is in love. It happened just before midnight when Alex, guy she picked up in the park back in the summer, said it first. Continue reading

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The Monday treat – Warm pear and gorgonzola tart with arugula salad

I met Lizzy in Columbus Circle for wine and macaroons and to offer my opinion on which of two Coach bags was the cuter, and found her in a rather more than usually agitated state.

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The Wednesday tipple – Vanilla Vodka Hot Chocolate for fortification against the cold while watching the inflation of giant balloons

The thing that astonishes me about Thanksgiving is how quickly something becomes a tradition. This will be my 5th celebration of the holiday, my 3rd in New York, and already there are things I have to do otherwise it just … Continue reading

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