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Our Christmas Tradition: Post Christmas-Shopping Burger and a Martini

The day before heading home for the holidays is always a last minute rush of Christmas shopping, but I should have known better than to go to American Girl on 5th Avenue on Sunday Afternoon.

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Ice Coffee Life Hack while Walking to work

My office is near Union Square, which means I can walk to work every morning. In the rain and the snow, this lacks a certain charm, but in the sunshine, life is lovely.

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Adventures and limoncello

It’s the end of an era. John and Demitri have both left Manhattan. One to travel the world for 6 months on an epic and brave adventure. The other to work in Ohio.

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The Wednesday Tipple – Criminal Intent, Karma, and Bourbon with Spiced Apple

The thought of not being able to watch the Olympics on the BBC is making me consider turning to a life of download crime. Considering, mind, I’m not actually admitting to anything, just to be absolutely clear here.

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The Monday Treat – Space Kids Hit Manhattan fueled by Blueberry Pancakes

A friend of mine had been to Space Camp as a child and had described the experience as “absolutely no question the best week of my life, made up of the best days of my life!”

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The Monday Treat – Gingerbread Cookies, breaking and entering and leaving New York

The Christmas party was in full swing when someone suggested that we all go and check out the “awesome penthouse with the million dollar views” that was currently for sale in the building.

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