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The Monday Treat – Space Kids Hit Manhattan fueled by Blueberry Pancakes

A friend of mine had been to Space Camp as a child and had described the experience as “absolutely no question the best week of my life, made up of the best days of my life!”

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The Monday Treat – Bananas Foster Pancakes, Mardi Gras, Pancake Day and Bird Watching

It was a perfectly ordinary Saturday – coffee, grocery shopping, manicure – until the hawk showed up. Soaring down from the sky to perch in a tree opposite Morton Williams.

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The Monday Treat – 20 things to make with a heart shaped cutter

Valentines is upon us. Now that Superbowl is over I am prepared to get out the pink candles, the wooden heart mobile, and, most importantly of all, the heart shaped cutters out of the box.

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with a Maple Apple Compote

So here’s the issue: the last thing anyone really wants after Thanksgiving is more dinner.

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Pancake Day

It’s pancake day – time to use up all the things in your cupboard that you’re not going to be needing once Lent gets going. Like eggs. And flour. Won’t be seeing them again until April. Possibly.

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The Monday Treat – classic buttermilk pancakes

We were in a diner somewhere in the sprawling vastness of Los Angeles, the morning after my school-friend Yoo Na’s wedding; a group of Brits, nursing hangovers and jet lag, recovering from the excitement of the festivities (and an exhausting … Continue reading

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