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Champagne, truffle butter popcorn and the Oscars

Oscar night. Time for fancy popcorn, champagne, and feeling smug about seeing the nominated animated shorts, which puts me a full 5 movies ahead of Jon in this year’s roundup.

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Britain, Class, Downton Abbey and Scones

It was the American finale of Downton Abbey last night, leaving my friends bereft and concerned that Sunday Nights will no longer hold the possibility of joy or distraction. Even the upcoming Oscars can’t lift their spirits.

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Happy Valentines Day! And a side of steak.

Valentines Day. Romance! Sugar! Optional Cynicism!

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Pancake Day

It’s pancake day – time to use up all the things in your cupboard that you’re not going to be needing once Lent gets going. Like eggs. And flour. Won’t be seeing them again until April. Possibly.

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Pomelo Sea Breezes and a very happy Chinese New Year to you too.

Happiness abounds as Chinese New Year approaches – not just the promise of roast duck, scallion pancakes and soup dumplings, though, obviously, all things to be happy about – but also the end of the year of the Dragon, which, … Continue reading

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Pulled Pork Chili and a Sporting Celebrity Encounter in time for Superbowl

I probably sit next to a celebrity. This is one of those large open plan offices, holding several different companies, all hot desking over three floors. So on this particular day I find a spot, and a guy sits down … Continue reading

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