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Britain, Class, Downton Abbey and Scones

It was the American finale of Downton Abbey last night, leaving my friends bereft and concerned that Sunday Nights will no longer hold the possibility of joy or distraction. Even the upcoming Oscars can’t lift their spirits.

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Panettone Bread Pudding and the Synchronized Swimming Christmas Show

Christmas is a time for nativities, pantomimes, ballets and shows. All of my nieces and nephews have been treading the boards over the last couple of weeks, being snowmen and angels, playing carols on the recorder, dancing to Jingle Bell … Continue reading

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The Monday Treat – Blueberry Olive Oil Lemon Cake

Big News from my friend Rachel who bounded into choir rehearsal with a huge smile on her face and a huge diamond on her finger. Graham had proposed. Excitement. Squealing.

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Cruisin’ NYC – Red White And Blue Pavlova in anticipation of July 4th

Jenn and Alan had bought the tickets on Groupon, and the time was non transferable, so in spite of the thunder and lightening that had lashed Manhattan all afternoon, we set off down to the docks to meet our ferry.

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The Monday Treat – Birthday baked cheesecake

It was my birthday, and I celebrated as I habitually do by going to Chinatown and eating a lot of duck with pancakes. Then back home for champagne and cheesecake and presents. I had a very happy day!

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The Monday Treat – Lemon Cream Drizzle Cake

Perhaps it started when Ken and Carrie decided to celebrate both their birthdays and a wedding anniversary with a cake buffet at rotating restaurant The View; “What’s that you say?  Too touristy?  Shudder to think of navigating the Marriott Marquis’ … Continue reading

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The Monday Treat – Post Bridal Shower Chocolate Banana Muffins

I just came home from Kim’s lovely Bridal shower hosted by Hilary with panache, Niscoise salad, ice-cream bomb, chocolate brittle and homemade charcuterie. It confirmed what I had been gradually piecing together; here in America, a Bridal Shower is emphatically … Continue reading

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The Monday Treat – Warm panettone bread pudding

I was heading to my choir rehearsal when I heard a New Yorker having a really good day. A group of tourists in brightly colored ski jackets (why?) approached him as we waited at the lights. “Excuse me,” asked one, … Continue reading

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This dinner will get you laid – breakfast to take you back to bed (Eggs en cocotte)

It was the end of the Summer of Love for Lizzy and J, and they emerged blinking into the golden autumn light to find that everything had changed. The plants in her window boxes were brittle skeletons, his car, evidently … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Tipple – Mean Margaritas (with sweet corn fritters)

In slight resistance to the New Year feeling that’s been in the air all week I’ve been regressing, clinging onto the last of the summer; turning on the chili fairy lights, cranking up the Buena Vista Social Club. It’s not … Continue reading

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