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Not being Mary, and Clementine Bourbon Mulled Wine.

Let’s be honest. In the school nativity play, the role, The Role, really, is Mary. She might not get a lot of lines, but she gets all the glory for sure. Glory, and a pale blue robe.

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Spice-infused Appletini

When I first started coming to New York, about 10 years ago, Appletinis were The Thing to drink. They were vivid green. And wholly awesome. Then Cosmos came along, and that was the end of that. And then Cosmos too were over … Continue reading

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Herbs and Moving

If you are change-averse and also commitment-phobic, as I am, then finding a new apartment in Manhattan will not be a task that you relish.

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Pancake Day

It’s pancake day – time to use up all the things in your cupboard that you’re not going to be needing once Lent gets going. Like eggs. And flour. Won’t be seeing them again until April. Possibly.

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Nutella Birthday Cheesecake and Surprise Doves – a cautionary tale

“It seemed like it would be a top romantic gesture at the time,” explained the man I sat next to at an especially lovely dinner party in Soho the other week.

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Frozen Watermelon Lemonade

At 3 o’clock this morning I stood in the physics department at NYU and raised a glass to science’s latest greatest achievement. The Higgs boson has been discovered and my husband and his friends literally could not have been more … Continue reading

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – chicken stuffed with cherries and goat cheese

Sadly the Farmer’s Market was not on in Union Square when we were evacuated from the office as the earthquake shook Manhattan – well, mildly vibrated Manhattan might be more like it. Otherwise we would have been mustering and being … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Tipple – Banana Rum Smoothies and Tropical Coconut Chocolate Cup Cakes

What to wear on a very casual drink after work sort of date? It’s been the subject of much debate, ever since Sara plucked up the courage to re-connect with Sean, the guy who slept on her sofa after a … Continue reading

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