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Nutella Birthday Cheesecake and Surprise Doves – a cautionary tale

“It seemed like it would be a top romantic gesture at the time,” explained the man I sat next to at an especially lovely dinner party in Soho the other week.

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The Wednesday Tipple – Hazelnut Chocolate Martinis and Deconstructed Nutella Cookies

There are a few foods that inspire absolute devotion from my friends. Bacon is one, Nutella is the other. Since neither of these are difficult to provide, I suppose I ought to opt for an easy life and serve nothing … Continue reading

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Chocolate brownies with Nutella swirls

Lent is almost over, and chocolate will be back on the menu. I plan to break my fast with molé at El Centro and a chocolate brownie at home in bed.

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – A Full On Cocktail Party

There can be few occasions sexier than a cocktail party; little black dresses, sparkly earrings, high heels safe in the knowledge that not a lot of walking will be required, too much champagne …

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The Monday Treat – Nutella Bread Pudding

Have you heard about the phenomenon of Valentines break ups? The office is a buzz with the topic, since we have in our midst a Valentine break up candidate in a moral dilemma. He’s known for a few weeks now … Continue reading

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10 Valentines Breakfast in Bed Ideas

Yes it’s on a Monday. No, it might not be the most relaxed breakfast in bed of all time, but it’s worth taking the time to make an impression with these low effort Valentines breakfast ideas.

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The Monday Treat – post one night stand Nutella French Toast

It’s been an interesting weekend for Sara who is recovering from the aftershocks of the office Christmas party after-party. The office party was a sober affair. She sipped a glass of white wine and had intelligent conversations with superiors, and … Continue reading

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – Ships that pass in the afternoon

It had been a subdued summer for Adam since his discovery by text message that Carl was in another relationship. He’d been left not broken hearted exactly, but certainly feeling pretty rejected and gloomy.

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The Monday Treat – Nutella Raspberry Tart

I love Nutella. If you don’t, I think it unlikely that we will be friends. This is ideal for gliding into the week on a velvety chocolate high. I made it for Adam a few days after he discovered by … Continue reading

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