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Football Fail, Superbowl and Chorizo Nachos

Dom, fresh off the plane from Hong Kong, was excited to be invited to his first Giants game, “I didn’t know a lot about American sports, but I was willing to give them a go.”

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Obsession – this tonic syrup

It’s the most pretentious thing in the world to obsessed with small batch artisanal tonic syrup. That’s it really. But what’s a gal to do? 

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Smores! For happiness.

I’d toasted marshmallows before I came to America – of course I had. Pretty much the only thing that persuaded me to Guide Camp was the prospect of a toasted marshmallow. But real, genuine, smores? Nope.

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The last of the Christmas Chocolate

Apparently no couple is above domestic drudgery: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian spent two late nights last week cleaning out her wardrobe to match her “2015 vision”.

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The legend of the Insect Eater – and Guinness Beef Pie

So I met a man at a party who told me that he once had a friend who worked at Coney Island in a curiosities show. Her particular curiosity and talent was that she was able to eat insects in … Continue reading

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Lamb pomegranate tagine for Epiphany, and nativity tigers

Every Christmas, we spend a lot of time driving around the UK, visiting family, and one thing this year was inescapable: the children in our lives, our godchildren, our nieces and nephews and the children of cousins, are growing up. … Continue reading

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The best holiday game ever and easy chocolate spiced cookies

The holiday season is a time of family gatherings and family gathering games. Here’s one of our favorites, from Uncle Elwyn’s 80th birthday party: Caravan Sites I have Visited.

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Snowbirds and roasted cauliflower penne

Norma and Roger, friends of my parents, recently announced their Snow Bird plans; “We’re changing thing up a little this year. We’ve booked a house in Naples for 2 months. January and February. It’s going to be great, right?”

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