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Blaze and pumpkin minestrone soup

Last week, we took my visiting parents to Blaze, a pumpkin festival in a somewhat mythical place that city-dwellers refer to as “upstate”, which turns out to be about an hour out of the city near Sleepy Hollow. It is … Continue reading

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Comforting Tomato Soup for Cold Days

Some days, the wind blows in off the Hudson, through your coat, through your fluffy cardigan that looks as though it’s been made from the skins of Abominable Snowmen, through your thermals, through your skin, and straight to your bones.

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Pumpkin Soup and Not Worrying.

Things advertisers in my inbox think I need that I didn’t think I needed before I saw the advert, and now I’m not so sure:

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Shred and Burn and Minestrone Soup

If you like to eat food as much as I do, then it’s probably a good idea to put trainers on every so often and run like you’re being chased.

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Butternut Squash Apple Soup, Thanksgiving Balloons, Romanticism and Transience

It’s become an absolute Thanksgiving tradition that the night before the parade Jon and I head to the Natural History Museum to see the giant balloons tethered down under nets, ready and waiting to fly.

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Minestrone Soup

Once you can make tomato sauce, you can make tomato soup – just add stock to the sauce, and a swirl of cream for added awesomeness. And from tomato soup it’s a tiny step to minestrone, which is a much … Continue reading

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This dinner will get you laid (if you actually get to eat it) – Risotto and the weekend that never was.

It was my friend John’s birthday and the plan was that 10 of us would drive to Woodstock and hang out in a house on Friday night, Saturday, have breakfast on Sunday and get back to the city in time … Continue reading

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The Monday treat – spicy pumpkin soup and a new, not-so-spicy-pumpkin hair do

So I was going for Mad Men red hair, but as I sat in front of the mirror in the leather and essential oil themed salon sipping my cup of vanilla chai, I wasn’t absolutely convinced. “It’s going to totally … Continue reading

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