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Bruschetta, and the inevitability of nudity

My dad was in town for a week of ballet, baseball, jazz, and edgy downtown sketch comedy. Spot the odd one out.

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Basil tomato pesto salmon, with balcony herbs

First sunny weekend without thunder, Jon and I hit up the Union Square farmers’ market and planted herbs on the balcony. A few days later, and already the basil is thriving in the sunshine, bushing out, bursting upwards, to the … Continue reading

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This dinner will get you laid – grilling in style – salmon skewers with fresh pesto, and a roasted tomato couscous salad

You only need to remember that British Mother’s Day is about a month earlier than American Mother’s Day the day before British Mother’s Day once, and you pretty much have the date seared into your conscience after that.

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The Wednesday Tipple – Chianti and Anti Pasto

Back to New York with Jon, who evidently missed me because he’d filled the fridge with skim milk and yogurt, both of which I love, and he can totally live without. Also wine. Lots of wine.

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The Wednesday Tipple – Hamptons: take 2. With Long Island Ice Tea and Shrimp with Pesto Butter

If you are lucky enough to have a friend who has an uncle who has a house in the Hamptons, then there are certainly worse ways to spend an afternoon than floating around his pool on a noodle, and gossiping … Continue reading

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The Monday Treat – Picnic Sandwiches (my 5 favorites)

It has been said that all you need for a really great picnic is a baguette, a ripe brie, a bunch of grapes and a bottle of wine. But why would you want to stop there?

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This Dinner Will Get You Laid – homemade pesto with spaghetti

It really feels as though spring has finally, joyfully, arrived in New York. Baby ducklings are waddling through the park, a bird has made its nest in the back of my friend Keith’s air conditioner, which leaves him with something … Continue reading

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Wednesday Tipple – A Blushing Lady gets twisted with Parsley Pesto

I am prone to blushing, and not in a sweet fresh faced English rose sort of way. Unlike Amazing Grace, who generally looks like a commercial for Benefit tint. Things are going well with Alex. Blush. He’s basically living with … Continue reading

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Caprese Salad Tart

This tart is spread with pesto before being topped with tomatoes and milky mozzarella. The kind of pesto that comes in a jar can sometimes get very oily around the top, so give it a good mix before you spread … Continue reading

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