Victory and Mint Gin Fizz

Gin Fizz

“3 for 3” Jon texted modestly, upon winning the NASA hackathon again, and spending the day with not one but two bonefide astronauts.

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Penne with gorgonzola and walnuts – for elegance

Blue Cheese for penne recipe

Recently, I’ve been planning my work wardrobe around being able to wear leggings under things, and matching with my boots. The sidewalks are covered in gray ice. Salt stains the carpet. Things just got a little schlubby. Continue reading

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Internet Blues and Pork Belly roasted with rosemary

Rosemary for roast pork belly recipe

The internet is down. We must telephone Time Warner.

It’s been 50 minutes. Jon paces the room ruffling his hair into an unruly afro. “I have pretty much no confidence that this is a path of enquiry that will lead to progress!” he tells the guy on the end of the line. He’s really really mad. “Pretty much no confidence,” btw, is British for this action is utterly doomed!

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Comforting Tomato Soup for Cold Days

how to make tomato soup

Some days, the wind blows in off the Hudson, through your coat, through your fluffy cardigan that looks as though it’s been made from the skins of Abominable Snowmen, through your thermals, through your skin, and straight to your bones. Continue reading

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Snowmen – linguine with roasted lemons, olives and capers

Linguine With Lemon Chilli And Olive

Jo, aged almost 3, went to see the play version of The Snowman as his seasonal theatre treat. If you don’t know the story of the boy and his snowman who comes alive one night to transport him on a wonderful adventure, what follows is a major spoiler alert.

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Chocolate Amaretti Treats – no bake, no bondage

chocolate amaretti treats

So go on, confess, did you read 50 Shades of Gray? This was the question posed recently by my cousin to a room full of our relatives.

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Tea Cake and Great British Drama

Fruited Loaf Cake

Great British Drama: the other night, I broke my parents’ kettle by boiling it with no water in it. The button clicked up and down, no lights came on. Heat was notably absent. So I boiled water in a pan, made them a cup of tea, then I confessed the news. They took it pretty well, all things considered.

“Oh, that’s nothing,” said my Aunty Jen. “Helen has one of those kettles that looks like a whistling kettle that goes on the hob, but actually, it’s an electric one. I wasn’t paying attention one day, and I put it on the stove. The next thing I knew, it was on fire, and there was plastic melting all over everywhere.

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Valentines Gifts for people who love love, and love food.

Teacup For Valentines Ideas

  1. These truffles are everything. Pink. Chocolate. Heart-shaped box. Boom.
  1. Hearts not your thing? How about Penguins? Terribly romantic when you think about it, mating for life. Until you eat them.
  1. 1940’s champagne saucers: the essence of glamor.
  1. And a bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose to road-test them with.
  1. Liven up breakfast in bed with a special cup of tea: this one is blood orange hibiscus, and it’s a gorgeous ruby red.
  1. Or romance the hell out of morning coffee with a proud and pink hibiscus donut from Dough.
  1. Sugar crash your afternoon in the best possible way with some spicy Wicked Hot Chocolate
  1. Or think savory, get yourselves some valentine-red Laguiole steak knives, and prepare for a great night in.
  1. Season up that steak with with Himalayan salt – the natural pink color is the result of high mineral and iron content, and the flavor is soft and mild.
  1. Go big or go home with a tower of pink macarons.



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Football Fail, Superbowl and Chorizo Nachos

Nacho with chili tomato and cheese

Dom, fresh off the plane from Hong Kong, was excited to be invited to his first Giants game, “I didn’t know a lot about American sports, but I was willing to give them a go.” Continue reading

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Obsession – this tonic syrup


It’s the most pretentious thing in the world to obsessed with small batch artisanal tonic syrup. That’s it really. But what’s a gal to do?  Continue reading

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