Lime-Spritzed Skirt Steak for Drama Tolerance

Skirt Steak

Jon and I have been together since we were 19, and in all that time, he has been dramatic precisely 3 times, and all for good reason: moving countries, changing jobs. Continue reading

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Pina Coladas to take advantage of the joys of summer

Pina Colada for summer

So the mystery of how the mosquitoes were getting into the apartment in the first place was solved when I was taking a shower, watching one buzz purposefully up to the window screen, then continue, undeterred, straight through the mesh of the mosquito screen.

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Was there enough Summer?

Summer sundae

It’s an important question. THE important question, really. As the last few days slip by, it’s time to focus, get organized, make sure there was enough summer to keep us in happy rum-soaked sun-drenched fantasies come February.

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Chocolate Caramel Brownies

Caramel Rolo Brownie

Sometimes only chocolate will do. This is chocolate worth splurging on.

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Mum and Dad go to Williamsburg, and we all eat Lentil and Beetroot Salad

Beetroot for a lentil salad

Mum and Dad, not content with living it up all over Manhattan, spread their wings and left the Island to explore the wilds of Brooklyn beyond. They ate lentils, experienced an explosion of Mexican street art, wore sunglasses, and rode a ferry. Literally within 5 minutes of arriving in Williamsburg, they transformed into prototype hipsters, sipping on cold drip coffee and appreciating organic cheeses.

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Unsolicited Sex Tips and Cucumber Gin and Tonics

Cucumber Gin and Tonic for summer recipes

Apropos of nothing, Sophia Vergara is dishing out unsolicited relationship advice down the side of my email.

“Mess up your hair just a little,” she suggests, “it’s sexier that way.” Continue reading

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4th of July and Inevitable Flag Cake

Flag Cake illustration for 4th of july traditional flag cake rec

As 4th of July teeters on the horizon, and we all anticipate a long weekend of relaxation, BBQ and fun, flag cake beckons.

Of course it does. Because that’s the thing about holidays; anything you do more than once automatically becomes a tradition.

Bunting for recipes for 4th of july

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Roasted Garlic Tomato Orecchiette, Starfish and Theatre


So I wrote a play for my friend Annie, and in it, is a giant luminous starfish. “You’ll be ok making that, right?” I blithely checked with Jon as I headed out of the door on Saturday morning. Continue reading

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White Wine Peach Sangria and Moving House

White wine sangria

We recently moved house. Yes again. Back downtown to Chelsea and to an apartment on the top floor. Mostly because our old ceiling let through a lot of noise and it was driving me crazy.

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The Wizard, and Rhubarb Gin and Tonics

Rhubarb Gin And Tonic

I wrote a sketch about a wizard for my friend Nic to perform in our monthly sketch show at The PIT. At various heightened and tense moments in the narrative, I specify “thunder and lightning”, and, at the height of the drama apparently “flames flare from the Wizard’s hands.”

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