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Oozing Pus Chocolate Cupcakes and the Terrible Tale of the Chocolate Truffle Poisoner

As part of his job, twice a year my husband has to get up earlier than usual, head out to a lecture hall and listen to a talk about being a responsible researcher.

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Dog Halloween – and Bobbing for Apple Punch

Expressions of their owner’s creativity and flair, Tompkins Square Park was packed with dogs parading in force to celebrate the approach of Halloween.  Dinosaurs, ballerinas, ladybirds, bumble bees, bats. An inquisitive Buzz Lightyear sniffing around a princess in a tutu.

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In Google Maps We Trust – Roast Chicken with Plums

So it turns out, there are 2 places that can equally be described as the corner or 4th and something in Brooklyn, but I didn’t know that as I typed the directions into my iPhone and set off across the … Continue reading

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Apple Crumble and Elves

It started because I bought Jon a set of espresso cups for his birthday, and wondered aloud what we could do with the saucers. Since poor co-ordination so early in the morning had been the downfall of the last cups, … Continue reading

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Nutella Birthday Cheesecake and Surprise Doves – a cautionary tale

“It seemed like it would be a top romantic gesture at the time,” explained the man I sat next to at an especially lovely dinner party in Soho the other week.

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Better than Bears – and a comforting, yet totally date-night appropriate Greek Chicken Stew

As Fall colors start to paint the country in shades of fire, two friends of our recently returned from a hiking holiday, which they described in glowing terms apart from one small setback:

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Fortune and Manhattans

I have become ever so slightly superstitious about the fortune cookies at Grand Sichuan St Marks. You should go there for the soup dumplings and mind blowing – in both senses – Gui Zhou spicy chicken. But you should not … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Brown Butter Frosting – also, Hipsters – talents thereof.

There are many things that hipsters are really good at: wearing glasses in an ironic way, finding great deals on artisanal cheese or vintage Nike Air trainers, understanding the importance of micro brewing, restoring 80s video games, taking poetry slams … Continue reading

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