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Pina Coladas to take advantage of the joys of summer

So the mystery of how the mosquitoes were getting into the apartment in the first place was solved when I was taking a shower, watching one buzz purposefully up to the window screen, then continue, undeterred, straight through the mesh … Continue reading

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Was there enough Summer?

It’s an important question. THE important question, really. As the last few days slip by, it’s time to focus, get organized, make sure there was enough summer to keep us in happy rum-soaked sun-drenched fantasies come February.

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Unsolicited Sex Tips and Cucumber Gin and Tonics

Apropos of nothing, Sophia Vergara is dishing out unsolicited relationship advice down the side of my email. “Mess up your hair just a little,” she suggests, “it’s sexier that way.”

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White Wine Peach Sangria and Moving House

We recently moved house. Yes again. Back downtown to Chelsea and to an apartment on the top floor. Mostly because our old ceiling let through a lot of noise and it was driving me crazy.

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Sweet corn tomato salad at the end of summer

So here we are in September, contemplating whether or not to wear tights. It’s Fall in the morning, High Summer by lunchtime. Here, at the crossover, dressing, and dining, could go either way. As apples overtake tomatoes in the Union … Continue reading

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So here we are, staring down the barrel at the end of Summer, and the end of living in this apartment.  Sunday and Monday were filled with sorting and packing, and sending our belongings off to storage for three weeks, … Continue reading

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Bruschetta, and the inevitability of nudity

My dad was in town for a week of ballet, baseball, jazz, and edgy downtown sketch comedy. Spot the odd one out.

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I’m gonna Wife that.

We were drinking cocktails in a bar on a weeknight – I know, life choices – when we overheard two girls talking; “Damn girl, you been working out?!” The second girl had indeed been working out, and was happy to … Continue reading

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Coconut Iced Tea – American Life

I’ve adapted to life in America pretty well, I think. I’ve got the hang of honey mustard now, after 3 years of deliberate assimilation. I see that value in root beer floats. I understand the fuss about s’mores. Sure, the … Continue reading

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Cold noodle salad – summer dresses and other obsessions

As the weather heats up in NYC I turn to the internet – dangerous start – to order summer dresses from websites – bad idea – with the vague intent that if they’re not absolutely perfect, I promise I’ll send … Continue reading

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